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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Symptoms List

August 22, 2020 in Health, Home, Lifestyle, PTLS - No Comments

If you think you have PTLS talk to your doctor. Many doctors either don’t know much about PTLS or are skeptical just remember you are not alone. More and more women are coming forward and sharing their personal experiences. If you’re looking for more information on Post tubal ligation syndrome is a great place to start. 

“Post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS or PTS) is an iatrogenesis condition meaning doctor-caused or doctor produced. Many women suffer post tubal ligation syndrome after having a tubal ligation”.  

Symptoms of PTLS include:

Chronic Fatigue/ crashing fatigue

Irregular or heavier periods




Memory changes


Brittle nails

Hair loss

Feelings of dread/apprehension

Itchy skin

Joint pains


Increased or new depression and/or anxiety

Achy, sore joints and/or muscles

Weight gain

Pelvic pain

Increased headaches

Development of Ovarian/Tubal Cysts

Excessive sweating   

Mood swings

Trouble concentrating

Exacerbation of existing conditions

Allergies developing or increasing – (Chronic sinusitis).

Nasal infections-necessitating antibiotics

A feeling that you’re going crazy ( not an official symptom )



Listed above are just some of the symptoms of PTLS. If you would like to connect with other women with PTLS join



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