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Creative Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork

August 16, 2020 in DIY, KIds, Lifestyle, Organization - No Comments

We all love every drawing, painting, and craft that our kids create. Most of us keep our little one’s masterpieces for as long as we can but eventually, it turns into clutter and the once beautiful mothers’ day cards and paper plate bunny hats are ripped and ruined! We’ve found the most fun, innovative, and creative ways to display  kids arand archive all those works, from cool ideas for framing to archiving apps.

Easy DIY Clip Art Rail

DIY Clip Art Rail String, Paint, and clothespins for a quick simple set up. If you need more than one, hang on a wall for a cute and simple art display hack! If you want the look without the DIY Etsy



Etsy Display board

If you’re looking for something fast and easy Etsy has some really cute display boards! You can have it personalized with your child’s name on it.


DIY Wooden Clip Art Rail

DIY Instructions for a wooden DIY Clip Art Rail from u-create crafts. gives you detailed step by step instructions and an estimate of how much  the materials you will need are going to cost

DIY Wall Decal frames

Removable fabric wall decal frames are a clever and creative way to display your little one’s masterpieces! Christie at childhood101 has a helpful post on how she came up with this great idea to display her daughters artwork!


Etsy Decal Display Frames

Want the look without the hassle? Etsy has some really cute options to choose from.

Etsy Simple Shapes

 DIY Framed Art

This one is probably my favorite. Here’s a great way to display your little artist’s latest work. When your child hands you a new piece of their artwork you can change it out! Choose from different colors, shapes, and sizes!  Stores like Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and the dollar store are great places to get some affordable frames that are perfect for this project!


Umbra Artista Kids Art Frame $ 19.00 at the  Art Frame works like an art cabinet, opening so you can store, organize, and change out an ever-expanding collection of drawings, paintings, and photos. An interior elastic band keeps contents secure. A clear frame keeps the focus on the displayed image.

Clipboard Display

This idea is exactly like it sounds–a wall of clipboards. Parents will love that this method is cheap and makes for super simple art change-outs. They may not love that they have to nail them into the wall. Still, 15 or so clipboards with colorful artwork can spark some cultured conversation. You can buy a pack of 6 on, Amazon.



Wooden dowels and Curtain Clips

This next Mom got really creative and did an excellent job at displaying her child’s artwork Christine at wherethesmileshavebeen has a step by step guide and a full tutorial on creating this display in your home.


Cable to Display Kids’ Artwork

Gotta love creatives Moms! Amy from has a step by step how-to guide and a list of supplies you’ll need to make your own cable display for your child art. If you would rather just buy it, Amazon and Target have lots of affordable options to choose from.


I love this idea and it’s becoming really popular among the DIY moms. One of my favorite Mom blogs has a post on how to make a kids art gallery in 10 minutes.



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