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12 of the Best Home School Blogs

August 16, 2020 in Home, KIds - No Comments


Last year I had a big decision to make about whether or not to send my 5-year-old daughter to kindergarten. I never had to face this with my older children since there was no other option. Bailee is my third child and she is the baby of our family. I admit I have kept her very close to me. I did however send her to a local preschool 2 days a week and she seemed to like it and even look forward to it! That lasted for about 6 months until one day she just refused to go back to school. I asked her what was wrong? Did something happen? I even called the teacher but no one at her school could help me figure out what happened, what changed?

I am not a very forceful person or Mom, plus it was preschool, not high school, so we just moved forward. We did preschool from home and everything was fine until I brought up KINDERGARTEN! OMG! You would’ve sworn she was about to have all of her beloved; LOL dolls thrown in a fire! She was terrified about going into kindergarten and “ leaving me”. She didn’t like loud noises or crowds and going to school orientation didn’t help… double the people, double the noise!

The very thought of going to school was giving her anxiety and causing her nightmares ( I know this because she talks in her sleep a lot.) So, after extensive research, asking questions, and trusting my mommy intuition, I made what I felt was the best decision. I decided to wait a year to begin school.

Fast forward to the summer of coronavirus aka COVId-19 and well, she is ready! Ironic isn’t it? So here we go again. Thankfully this time, I know what I actually need to do to homeschool, my child. I wish someone would have shared some knowledge about the subject with me. Here is a list of some of the best homeschooling Blogs and websites that I’ve found helpful in starting my child off right! Here are some of the best homeschooling blogs that have really helped me and hopefully they will help you too!

 Homeschool blogs and websites


Homeschooling can be stressful and you can feel totally lost but thankfully there are lots of great resources at your fingertips! Take your time and try to have fun while you still can!


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