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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Symptoms List

August 22, 2020 in Health, Home, Lifestyle, PTLS - No Comments

If you think you have PTLS talk to your doctor. Many doctors either don’t know much about PTLS or are skeptical just remember you are not alone. More and more women are coming forward and sharing their personal experiences. If you’re looking for more information on Post tubal ligation syndrome is a great place to start. …

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Homeschooling Tables and desks for every age

August 18, 2020 in Home school, KIds - No Comments

Having a good desk or table for your child to do their school work on is something every kid should have. There are tons of high-quality desks and tables at affordable prices for every budget. Amazon, target, and who could forget IKEA have some great affordable choices to choose from. Determine your needs as well as your…

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Must Have Supplies for Homeschooling your Child

August 17, 2020 in COVID -19, Home, Home school, KIds - No Comments

Here is a list of supplies you actually going to need. Most of the things on the list are just basic school supplies. Basic Supplies Homeschool planner Easel and or  chalkboard contact paper/  Chalk Dry Erase contact paper / Dry erase markers laminator 3 Ring Binders Dry Erase Pockets/Markers Playdough and Playdough Tools Do-A-Dot Markers Colored Construction Paper Plain Paper…

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12 of the Best Home School Blogs

August 16, 2020 in Home, KIds - No Comments

  Last year I had a big decision to make about whether or not to send my 5-year-old daughter to kindergarten. I never had to face this with my older children since there was no other option. Bailee is my third child and she is the baby of our family. I admit I have kept her very…

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Creative Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork

August 16, 2020 in DIY, KIds, Lifestyle, Organization - No Comments

We all love every drawing, painting, and craft that our kids create. Most of us keep our little one’s masterpieces for as long as we can but eventually, it turns into clutter and the once beautiful mothers’ day cards and paper plate bunny hats are ripped and ruined! We’ve found the most fun, innovative, and creative ways…

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Apps That Let You Keep Your Kids’ Artwork

August 7, 2020 in Home - No Comments

 Store your kids artwork, schoolwork and Create gifts Artsonia A free Android app, available in the app store and on Google Play. This educational app is free and is perfect for teachers and parents. Simply create an account, then photograph, upload, and store your child’s masterpieces. Once the art is in the online gallery, friends, and family…

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